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I teach Beginners how to draw and paint


Assisting Students Develop Confidence, Flow in their Mediumship, Speaking and Spirit Art

5 Years Running



An Online School for Spiritual Development

White Branch

The Portrait of Spirit

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUd 

Spiritualist Medium, Artist, Speaker, Teacher

The Portrait of Spirit is an online School for Mediums, Speakers, Psychic, and Spirit Artists.


The online school was established in 2017, teaching students worldwide how to improve their drawing skills, psychic abilities and develop spiritual attributes to learn how to demonstrate a meaningful Spiritual talk publicly, demonstrate spirit portraiture, or provide platform evidential mediumship.

Celebrating this year as a host of the Portrait of Spirit online virtual classroom to facilitate students' organic unfoldment.

If interested in raising your quality in Platform Mediumship, Speaking Philosophy, and of course, live drawing of Spirit Portraits then browse a workshop or choose to join the mentorships. 

The Main Aim is to assist you n FINDING, BUILDING,and RAISING your confidence from within by developing in a safe, sound, secure virtual classroom with kind, helpful constructive feedback to support your growth to be your kind of Medium, Artist or Public Speaker on Spiritualist Philosophy.

I offer private coaching/mentorships, fast-track workshops, private sittings, and commissioned artwork.

May all that I offer be a stepping stone towards a greater YOU!

White Branch



Spirit Portrait Workshops and Private Mentorships to support improving your drawing skills.


Are you interested in learning how to draw and better your skill at drawing the faces of spirit? Are you aiming to combine the face with evidence


Learning how to become a Psychic Artist can help you increase your creativity in art but also heighten your sensitivity to enable you to read another person's aura through the combination of a drawing.


Can't draw? 

Would like to learn how to draw spirit portraiture better?

I offer standalone Spirit and Psychic Art Workshops to give you a taster into the development of a spirit artist. They are fun, engaging and an array of workshops await you. For more click here, or if serious about becoming a Spirit Portraiture Artist and want professional training to help you on your road of becoming a better artist with a greater understanding of how to combine your mediumship, join the spirit art private mentorships.

Open to all levels, beginners to advanced.

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Marta Spirit Portrait.jpeg
(c)Anne-Marie Bond

Great fun - Really Enjoyable

Better Than Expected!!!

Looking forward to the next stage!

I liked the small setting didn't feel so intimated as I've done in larger groups

Highly Recommended

Worth the money - Absolutely amazing

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Spirit Guide by Anne-Marie

Learn to Draw

as a Spiritualist Medium


Painting by Anne-Marie



 or fine art: #bondportraitsart

20170701_103256 - Copy.jpg

Oil Painting

- painted by Anne-Marie Bond

Painting by Anne-Marie

Digital Artwork Composition

by Anne-Marie Bond

I help students who believe they CANNOT DRAW create fantastic artwork! Some join as matchstick men artists or those with a little more basic skills.

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REACH for the SKY!