Psychic Drawing Detective

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Entry Level: Mixed   

10 July 2022

3pm-9pm UK BST    via ZOOM


Welcome to the Crime Forsenic Psychic Artist Workshop for Beginner's!



You do not need to be an artist to join this workshop.

Even as a basic drawer (artist), a matchstick artist,

you are more than welcome.


Whilst most people learn how to draw Spirit Portraiture there is SO MUCH MORE you can do with your art skills.  So join today and learn how to use your art skills in other ways. For beginners to apply your skills to bring peace of mind to people who have lost their children. 


Learn how to use your psychic art skills

to help  others find peace of mind! 


Held on Zoom, students worldwide can join and learn the various opportunities open to you to use your psychic art abilities and skills to capture the faces of the living and those that have transitioned in Spirit.


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crime activity, police foresenic artist, courtroom artists 


This workshop is geared to support any developing spirit artist or psychic artist interested in psychic detective forensic work or maybe to identify the level of drawing skills that can be used outside of 'spirit portraits. 


This course is an experimental array of exercises to see where you fit best with your ability.

​Repeat students are welcome to re-register as there is always something different to learn in every repeat workshop.  The list of all essentials will be provided upon booking.

  • Practical Drawing Exercises

  • Videos to Watch and Learn

  • Discussion and Imagery of Forensic Artists

  • Sketching Faces from Witnesses Memory

  • Facial Reconstruction of Missing Persons to Watch

  • Age Progression Portraits Experiments

  • ​and more

You DO NOT need prior drawing skills

to attend as this course is for compete beginners up^

Starting with a PowerPoint presentation you will learn of four areas where you could potentially choose to work in.  The workshop provides a taster which may help you develop in new ways to become of service to spirit, from finding missing people to drawing faces of people who do crime to drawing the face from the skeleton helping to close cases.

A whirlwind whilstop tour helping many discover new talents using their psychic abilites.

By the end of the workshop, you will have more understanding of the other fields you could look into that may suit your level of ability to provide healing to others.

Please note the above may alter to suit the numbers in the session and activities rearranged to suit the process. The break times are likely to stay the same.

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU